You have to understand that you are a sad woman.
You will never be anything else.
It’s not a bad thing,
It doesn’t mean you can’t ever be happy.
It just means that you feel things so incredibly deeply that they linger even when they’re gone.
It isn’t cool or trendy,
It just is, you are sad.
It exists wherever you are despite the love and the happiness you feel,
despite the weather, despite the sweetness of life, your sadness clings to you.
Don’t be scared of it,
it isn’t a scary thing,
it’s a real thing.
Try to understand it,
Roll it over your tongue,
hold it in your hands,
feel it pressing into your spine.
It is something you inherited from your mother, and she from her mother and so on and so on right back to our mother Eve.
This sadness is a longing,
a signature from God,
reminding you that you don’t belong here, that this isn’t your home.
- Key Ballah, Shoutout to My Sad Girls (via keywrites)


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